wiseSentinel | Drive Test

wiseSentinel | Drive Test toolkit provides both the hardware and software needed for measuring and assessing the coverage, capacity, and quality of service offered by communication networks. Our solution can be used independent from the communication standard deployed as it enables time- and geolocation-stamped recording of signal probes. 




  • I/Q data capture with time stamp and GPS positional information
  • Triggering based on geolocation, distance, speed or time
  • View of current and captured positions on a moving map
  • Uses a standard GPS NMEA compatible usb dongle





wiseSentinel | Drive Test Logger

  • For the mobile capture of RF spectrum data on a mobile platform

wiseSentinel | Drive Test Analyzer

  • Offline analysis and visualization of the captured spectrum

wiseSentinel | RTSA

  • For in depth offline analysis of the captured signals or online analysis

Matlab import

  • Matlab source code for the import of the IQ captured data for further analysis






wiseSentinel | Drive Test

You can choose between the options

  • wiseMinder | Portable
  • ThinkRF WSA5000 MANPACK

To run the software a recent windows 7/8.1 64 bit laptop is needed




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