About wiseSense

wiseSense GmbH is a technology-oriented company situated in Hannover, the state capital of Lower Saxony.

The intelligent, efficient and consistent management of different coexisting wireless services in professional and industrial applications is the key asset which wiseSense GmbH is offering its customers and partners in both the electronic & electrical engineering industry and machine & equipment manufacturing.

We are proud to announce that wiseSense GmbH is now EMEA distribution partner of the thinkRF Corp. (link), Canada. We serve customers in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

ThinkRF provides the most cost-effective wireless signals intelligence platform to acquire, process and analyze any RF signals. This enables a wide range of R&D, OEM and government applications. The compact and powerful WSA5000 (link) is a full-featured, RF receiver/digitizer/analyzer that easily integrates to your applications.

wiseSense provides you with complementary application engineering services, and its advanced RF monitoring solutions.

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